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Do you seek beauty? 


Let Flour, Nest & Vine create an outdoor sanctuary on your deck, patio, balcony or 

poolside where you can escape to relax among vignettes of nature - a place where hummingbirds quench their thirst in the nectar of blooms and butterflies come to dance upon flowers that seem to smile back as they flutter. Snip fresh and fragrant basil, parsley, sage and thyme from your savory herb garden - and for those who are seasonal enthusiasts, the story can continue...



Designer Floral Environments

Be it a decorative tabletop environment, an event favor, a grand scale outdoor container garden, an embellished wreath, centerpiece, mantle, bay window or even a decorative garden-hat wall hanging, each creation tells a seasonal story that brings a true "wow factor" and warmth to your home, business or events! 


Flour, Nest & Vine captures the pure essence of nature within designer and texturally intricate outdoor flora and indoor embellishments. 


We provide you with seasonally fashionable and beyond-the-ordinary floral environments, live or faux, large and small, always keeping your taste in mind!


Offering You Reflections of Nature,


     Francine &  Maria

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