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It can be remarkably stressful contemplating about...

- something different to have at his or her birthday celebration or how to entertain the children's table at an event or what to do on rainy days - thoughtfully innovative & artfully designed with the imagination of a child in mind, the craft creations designed by Flour, Nest & Vine are sure to please and provide a unique and fully hands-on experience!



Children's & Ladies' Designer Craft Kits

Whether it be planting a tree that they can care for and call their own, or putting together a personalized journal within which they can tell their story, or building a fashionably one-of-a-kind snowman or snow-woman that will never melt - the naturally themed possibilities are endless wih Flour, Nest & Vine's crafts!


Children of all ages are drawn in and delighted by our "inspired by nature" themed craft concepts and kits that come alive and tell a story as the pieces are put together.

Ladies Of All Ages!!  Wanna Be Original ? 

Our crafts can also bring out the child in you and your guests! A ladies' event, birthday, sweet 16 or an intimate get-together can turn into a craft corner that is simply fun!


Let Flour, Nest & Vine help you give a cherished and unique experience to any celebration, event or gathering with our hands-on craft creations!


Craft The Moment With Cheerful Charm!


    Francine &  Maria

To protect our original & designer craft ideas we have chosen only a few of our past creations to display online. In light of this, we look forward to sharing ideas with you directly! See our contact page to make arrangements with us.

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